Protectacrete S

Tech-Dry® Protectacrete is a high quality silane-based product for masonry and concrete sealing. This clear penetrating water repellent sealer offers superior durability compared to surface coatings.

Protectacrete is designed to penetrate into the capillaries of masonry surfaces and render the substrate water repellent. The type of masonry and concrete sealing achieved with Protectacrete reduces the absorption of water, efflorescence or water borne staining materials which are responsible for the majority of deterioration of masonry building materials.

This sealer is a general use sealer and can be applied on bricks, natural stone, tiles and concrete providing long term protection against water penetration, mould growth and efflorescence.

For masonry and concrete sealing, Protectacrete can be applied using brush, roller or spray. However, the product is preferably applied by saturation flooding using a hand pressure spray or airless spray equipment.


  • Creates a high quality water repellency
  • No change to the original appearance and breathability of the surface
  • UV and alkali stable
  • Reduces water and chloride ion ingress up to 95%
  • Non-corrosive and non-toxic
  • Permanently bonds to the surface – no peeling or blistering
  • Easy application and cost effective
  • Available in 5 Litre and 20 Litre drums
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