PVC Loose Ring Flange – Various Sizes

The main functions of a flanged joint is to create a demountable joint, to connect valves and vessels where strength in tension is required, or to joint to other materials.

The three types of flanges available are:

  1. Full-faced PVC socketed flanges.
  2. PVC socketed stub flanges with loose PVC or metal backing rings.
  3. Tapered cores with either metal or PVC flanges.

Flange joints require gaskets to seal them. In high stress situations, metal backing plates or flat washers are also required to spread the force and prevent damage to the flange. Bolts should not be over tightened. Epoxy-coated aluminium or ductile iron flange adaptors are also available.

Available sizes:

Item number PV-271900 – PVC Loose Ring Flange 80mm

Item number PV-271905 – PVC Loose Ring Flange 100mm