Riser Poly – Various Sizes

A range of Pipe Risers to suit every situation

Philmac offer an extensive range of male thread/female thread and male thread/male thread pipe risers that are manufactured from high performance, UV resistant material that prevents moisture absorption and ensures consistent dimensions over the products lifetime.

The range includes ½” to 2” sized pipe risers with M/M threads and ¾” and ½” and 1” and ¾” with M/F threads. M/F pipe risers are available up to 600mm long and M/M up to 1800mm long which means there is a pipe riser for most applications.

Available sizes:

Item number RI-110070 – Poly Riser 15mm x 150mm

Item number RI-110080 – Poly Riser 15mm x 200mm

Item number RI-110110 – Poly Riser 15mm x 300mm

Item number RI-110130 – Poly Riser 15mm x 450mm

Item number RI-110140 – Poly Riser 15mm x 600mm

Item number RI-110150 – Poly Riser 15mm x 750mm

Item number RI-110160 – Poly Riser 15mm x 900mm

Item number RI-110170 – Poly Riser 15mm x 1200mm

Item number RI-110240 – Poly Riser 20mm x 150mm

Item number RI-110250 – Poly Riser 20mm x 200mm

Item number RI-110280 – Poly Riser 20mm x 300mm

Item number RI-110300 – Poly Riser 20mm x 450mm

Item number RI-110310 – Poly Riser 20mm x 600mm

Item number RI-110312 – Poly Riser 20mm x 750mm

Item number RI-110530 – Poly Riser 20mm x 900mm

Item number RI-110540 – Poly Riser 20mm x 1200mm

Item number RI-110600 – Poly Riser 25mm x 150mm

Item number RI-110610 – Poly Riser 25mm x 200mm

Item number RI-110630 – Poly Riser 25mm x 300mm

Item number RI-110650 – Poly Riser 25mm x 450mm

Item number RI-110660 – Poly Riser 25mm x 600mm

Item number RI-110680 – Poly Riser 25mm x 900mm

Item number RI-110690 – Poly Riser 25mm x 1200mm

Item number RI-110691 – Poly Riser 32mm x 150mm

Item number RI-110692 – Poly Riser 32mm x 200mm

Item number RI-110693 – Poly Riser 32mm x 300mm