Fescue RTF Tall Instant Turf

Exclusive to Lawn Solutions Australia accredited growers, RTF – or Rhizomatous Tall Fescue Grass – is a self-repairing grass that produces a thick, even, soft lawn and thrives in cold climate regions. RTF Fescue also features a leaf texture distinct from normal tall fescue varieties, being much softer to touch, gentle even on bare feet.

A rhizome is a horizontal plant stem most often found underground, which are valued because they send out new roots and shoots, allowing new plants to propagate at a distance from the original plant. More than 10 years ago, turf scientists developed RTF Fescue Grass as a superior tall fescue variety with rhizome—rich plants, whose rhizome roots fill in bare spots in a thinning lawn.

  • Moderately shade tolerant

  • Light wear
  • Likes Water


  • High maintenance

Tall Fescue grass is more drought tolerant than most other species due to its deep roots. RTF Fescue is one of the deepest rooting cool season grasses available, with roots travel down to 2 metres tapping into water normally not available. Whilst it does not to have the drought tolerance of warm season varieties such as Sir Walter Buffalo, it is more drought tolerant than most cool season grasses.

Any purchase of RTF Fescue Grass, no matter how big or small, is issued with a Lawn Solutions Australia Product Warranty Certificate. This confirms you are receiving genuine RTF Fescue Grass, and provides a 10 Year Warranty.

RTF Fescue Grass turf is available exclusively through the Lawn Solutions Australia network of accredited growers and suppliers in climatic zones suitable to RTF.