Couch Santa Ana Instant Turf

Looking for Santa Anna couch Adelaide? Newtons Building and Landscape Supplies sell a variety of instant lawn including Santa Anna Couch Adelaide.

Santa Anna Couch is the original USA hybrid couch grass made famous in SA by Brian Munn during the 70s. Santa Anna is a fine textured turf, extremely hard wearing, drought tolerant and can tolerate pet traffic very well. Santa Anna is a fast spreading grass suitable for high wear, full sun areas.

This fine leafed couch grass is a warm season grass that thrives on sun and heat. It is tough and durable and looks best when mown short. Santa Anna is usually intolerant of heavy shade, preferring 6-7 hours of sun per day. Perfect for hot north facing situations. If grown in full sun Santa Anna is extremely hard wearing and will tolerate considerable traffic.

Santa Anna Couch is a semi-vigorous creeping perennial, with above ground runners, which can be maintained in a given area by bordering. Santa Anna Couch has a high wear tolerance and an excellent ability to recuperate quickly.

This variety has a bright green leaf colour and good colour retention, giving it a superior appearance.

With Santa Anna Couch Adelaide and SA, it has a short dormancy period over winter, depending upon frost frequency. Recommended for both residential and commercial applications and pet tolerant.

Very fine leaf  santa anna couch grass (very deep green in colour)

Water usage very low once established

Mowing every 1 – 2 weeks in summer, every 2 – 3 weeks in autumn and as required in winter

Fertiliser recommended in October and May better winder colour retention if fertilised in late autumn

Santa anna couch grass will withstand high traffic areas

Self repairs

Full sun

Quick to establish

Grows in most soil types



Once established a harsh mow mid spring to remove thatch and to encourage new growth.

Weeds controlled by weed and feed.

Once established water as required


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