Scotts Lawn Builder + Wetting Agent 2.5Kg


  • Boosted iron content promotes deeper green and stronger growth. The thicker the lawn, the less chance weeds have of taking hold – they’re smothered before they become obvious and need treatment
  • Slow-release of nutrients through controlled feeding, eliminates waste through run-off and leaching and prevents burning and surge growth
  • Wetting agent assists water and nutrients to penetrate well into the soil, reducing water run-off. It encourages deeper roots so less watering is needed and helps make lawns more drought tolerant
  • Traditional lawn foods release or ‘dump’ most of their nutrients within a couple of weeks of application, causing a rapid surge in growth that quickly drops off again as the food supply diminishes. Scotts Lawn Builder™ uses patented time-release technology to ensure nutrients are released slowly and continuously over a three month period
  • Wetting Agent has only 0.5% phosphorus, which means it can be safely used anywhere in Australia without posing any risk to ground or surface water
  • The recommended low application rate is just 16 grams per m2, not the kilograms often associated with regular lawn foods!
  • When used as directed, this product is safe to use around domestic pets and children. Check paws and feet for granules before allowing pets or children on to paved areas as staining may occur



  • All lawn grasses including all named varieties of buffalo, traditional couch, Santa Ana couch, kikuyu, bent, fescues and carpet grass
  • All grass substitutes such as dichondra (also known as pennywort or kidney weed), lippia, zoysia
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