Maison Small Format Paving

The windblown texture and small format lends this paver perfectly to both driveway and pedestrian applications. With Maison’s unique Grangestone additive and Econo-net fibres, as standard, they are ready to beat the test of time.

Featuring a rustic look, these hand made pavers are reminiscent of European village artisans: original in design, with a grainy texture that provides a non slip surface in wet areas, cool to walk on (even in the full sun), it can be chemically or high pressure cleaned and will improve with age. Most stains like red wine are easily removed by bleach.

Available Size: 330x330mm
Available Colours: Sandstone, Natural, Industrial Grey, Charcoal & Latté

Maison’s  Advantage:
Easy to Clean


Our paving & coping has consistent colour
throughout the product allowing it to be
bleached or high pressure gurnied



Our sand is sourced locally from a quarry on
the Fleurieu Peninsula and handmade at Port
Elliot in South Australia

Non Slip


Perfect for around pools and wet areas.
Our stone has been tested to
AS/NZS 4586:2004and is classified as
suitable for around swimming pools
and wet areas. 

Cool to Walk On


Stay cool even in the full summer sun

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