Stormwater Snap Tee – Various Sizes

If you’ve ever done any plumbing and cut a tee to an existing pipe (especially a buried pipe) you’ll know exactly what this tee is for.
No longer do you need a major excavation, three or more fittings and an extra pipe, now you can simply dig a small hole, get the pipe ready, snap on a tee and the job’s complete. We’ve designed the Tee with a screw thread so you can fit it with an access cap, which makes it really useful in many applications.
  • Easy to fit with minimal digging
  • Connect even if the pipe is full of water
  • Quickly add a first flush diverter
  • Designed, engineered and manufactured in Australia
  • Stronger than any other tee on the market
Available sizes:

Item number ST-270076 – Stormwater Snap Tee 90mm

Item number ST-270077 – Stormwater Snap Tee 100mm