Tavlit Screen Filter – Various Sizes

Tavlit Screen Filters are used for protection in drip, spray and sprinkler watering systems. Filters are
available in sizes from 20mm to 50mm.


• Unique: Swivel quick installation
• Interchangeable filtration elements: Disc and Screen elements fit the same filter body
• High Flow, low pressure loss
• Easy maintenance
• UV Resistant
• BSP male or female thread


• Water filtration for Agriculture, Turf, domestic and industrial application


Maximum Flow – 20mm: 58lpm
Maximum Flow – 25mm: 85lpm
Max Recommended Operating Pressure: 800kPa
Filtration Range: 40 – 155 mesh
Filtration Screen: Polyester/Stainless Steel
Gaskets: EPDM
Body: Polypropylene

Available sizes:

Item number FI-901260 – Tavlit Filter 20mm 120 Mesh

Item number FI-901250 – Tavlit Filter 25mm 120 Mesh

Item number FI-901185 – Tavlit Filter 40mm 120 Mesh