Best Traditional Paver Range

The look is classic. Start with perfectly uniform size, designed for easy installation. A handyman’s dream. Slip-resistant. Maintenance-free. An anti-salt additive prevents unsightly stains from efflorescence. Built to last and take years of punishment. And so cost-effective. Join the new traditionalists.

Available sizes:

Best Paver 40 (220x110x40mm)

Best Paver 50 (220x110x50mm)

Best Paver 60 (220x110x60mm)

New Flag 40 (220x220x40mm)

Flag 50 (220x220x50mm)

Flag 60 (220x220x60mm)

Slab 40 (300x300x40mm)
Slab 50 (300x300x50mm)
Slab 60 (300x300x60mm)

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