Raised Garden Beds

Amari Raised Garden Bed Range:

We stock a range of Amari raised garden beds. Made from Z600 galvanised or colorbond steel, they come in different shapes to suit any yard. They are versatile and easy to use. The corrugated garden beds can be fitted with a plastic base halfway which saves soil and water. This allows the bed to be relocated more easily as it is much lighter with only half as much soil filling it.


You get what you pay for when it comes to garden beds. Reputable brand such as Amari provide quality garden beds which don’t warp and bend under the pressure of the soil or the harsh Australian summer. If you choose to purchase a cheap garden bed, you can expect it to only last a short time. While it may get you through your first harvest, it may not perform and last for seasons to come.

For example, the plastic base feature in Amari models is not a something commonly found in cheaper models. So what you save on the garden bed itself you will lose when you have to purchase twice as much soil to fill it!

If the steel look doesn’t match your aesthetic you can make one yourself using sleepers or masonry blocks to create the same effect.

Benefits of a Raised Garden Bed:

Less weeds:

Using a raised garden bed means less weeds then planting directly into ground level soil. This is because there is a greater distance between the earth and the top of the raised garden bed. Also, you have the ability to place weed barriers in between the ground and the soil in the raised garden bed. Therefore, less weeds will grow and what little amount does come through will come to the surface of the garden bed at a slower rate giving you more time to pull them out. Be gone the fear of waking up one morning with your whole yard filled will weeds.

Nutrient Soil:

Soils which contain the most nutrients are ones which are less compacted to enable air flow. As such, garden beds on the ground level need to be aerated and turned over to loosen the soil and increase air flow. However, due to the nature of filling a raised garden bed with soil, they naturally are loosely compacted and have good aeration. This means your plants likely will thrive better in a raised garden bed with more air flow than when planted directly into the ground.

Easy Access:

As the name would suggest, a raised garden bed has much easier access because it is situated higher off the ground. This saves you the back ache of bending over to weed, plant and water your garden bed. Raised garden beds are very helpful for older gardeners or people with physical restrictions.

Saves Water:

Since the soil in a garden bed is only loosely compacted, when you water it sinks directly into the soil. Less runoff = more water for your plants. The soil will absorb what it needs and the rest will sink into the ground underneath.

What should I plant in a Raised Garden Bed?

The options with raised garden beds are endless! Plant whatever you like, from vegetable patches to an array of flowers. They are so versatile after a harvest you can pull everything up and start fresh with little hassle.

Vegetable Patches:


Vegetables patches are the most common uses of raised garden beds in Australia because they are easy to establish and maintain!

The benefit of planting vegetables in a raised garden bed compared with vegetables patches in ground is that you can control the soil and replant as soon as you want. A lot of harvest seasons for vegetable are a short few months, so it is not long before you can pull up and start fresh with new varieties of vegetables. This way you are able to test a huge variety of plants within a relatively short period of time. You may want to think about maintaining several beds with similar varieties grouped together. Group herbs in one bed, leafy greens in another and larger plants which spread fast (such as tomatoes) in another. Group similar varieties together for easy maintenance. This allows you to be precise and allows for spacious growth.

Flower Beds:


Some gardeners prefer to utilise their raised garden beds with an array of flowers instead of vegetables. Usually this is because they want a longer lasting group of plants. This way they only need to plant, water and fertilise every once in a while. This can be a good way to create more ambitious landscaping designs! Where issues with over-crowding weeds become a thing of the past. By planting in a raised garden bed instead you have more control over the soil and the plants within it. Perhaps you want to try a new variety which is more sensitive than the rest of your garden; using a raised garden bed allows a controlled environment for your plants to thrive in.

Getting the Kids Involved:

Don’t we all remember our first veggie patch as a kid? Having little helping hands around the garden gets more work done! Additionally, it gives the kids something to nourish and care for. Even simple activities such as planting, watering and harvesting gets the kid’s hands dirty and learning at the same time! Get creative with your veggie patch to get the kids involved, think bright colours and mini garden tools!

If you do plan on involving the kids in the garden make sure that it is safe. Think rubber caps around the edge of the garden bed. Also, have a safe, out of reach spot for the garden tools.


Author: Jessica Coe