Seasol Vs. Seamungus

Seasol vs Seamungus… the Battle of the Fertilisers!

Seasol- Liquid Seaweed


What is Seasol?

Seasol is a seaweed concentrate containing plant nutrients, trace elements, alginic acids and bioactive compounds. Seasol promotes plant growth, healthy roots and encourages beneficial soil micro-organisms. This results in increase in flowering, fruiting and helps plants cope with stressful environments such as heat, drought, frost and pest attacks.

Seasol is a household name and made by an Australian family company, with manufacturing based in Tasmania and administration in Victoria for the last 44 years.

Seasol is certified organic, 100% clean and green!

What makes Seasol unique?

The key ingredient in seasol is of course brown kelp. Derived from all around the world; King Island Bull Kelp, Child Bull Kelp and Knotted Kelp from the North Atlantic Ocean. The processing plant used is completely unique and maximizes the extraction of essential nutrients in seaweed. Seasol provides plants with better resistance from sucking insects and fungal attacks, improves germination and reduces transplant shock. With natural ingredients and components, seasol is safe to use on all plants including natives. When seasol is used on food crops it increases the yield, promotes good health and even improves flavour! But like all plant treatment, always wash edible plants before eating.

When should I use Seasol?

The most ideal time to apply seasol is first thing in the morning, or late in the evening. This is because it is best to apply seasol during the cooler part of the day. If you are finding that fungal problems are an issue then apply seasol in the morning as this avoids residue which occurs on the foliage overnight.

Seamungus by Neutrog



What is Seamungus?

The unique properties of Seamungus are specifically developed to stabilise the soils nutrients, maximise nutrient availability and rid the soil of parasites, pathogens and weed seeds. Seamungus acts as a heat, drought, frost and pest resistant by increasing the moisture level of the plants cell sap. Seamungus retains up to 70% of its own weight in moisture, increasing the soils ability to hold moisture. Due to the organic nature of Seamungus, it is safe to use on food crops anytime of the year. Again, always remember to wash food crops before eating them!

Seamungus’ manufacturer Neutrog, began in 1988 and has continually innovated their product range to be some of the best in the industry. Living proof that continual development can lead to being a well-established, leading organic fertiliser producer.

Seamungus is an Australian Certified Organic (ACO) products, ensuring that each use of Seamungus increases the quality of the plants or crops you use it on.

What makes Seamungus unique?

Seamungus is a health tonic containing seaweed, fish, humic acid and manure. Seamungus uses freshly harvested seaweed compared to some other brand which uses seaweed powder. The seaweed is composted and combined with poultry manure to produce a well-balanced feed and soil conditioner. Containing naturally occurring growth hormones, Seamungus transforms poor soil into one which is fertile.

When should I use Seamungus?

Use as health tonic to revitalise your plants throughout the year or as a kickstarter to give your newly established plants a boost. Seamungus can be used as a stand along product for established crops or you could use it as a supplement to an existing crop upkeep routine. Best suited for all turf, ornamental, vegetable and fruit crops.

So who will prevail? Seasol or Seamungus…

Each have their unique advantages. As much as I would love to declare a winner, each fertiliser is used in different circumstances. So, it’s a draw!

Seasol comes mainly in a highly concentrated liquid form meaning that it acts as an instant fertiliser and sinks into the soil fast. For newly established plants, Seasol acts as a boost to enhance the strength of your plants and help them fight against disease and harsh environments.

Seamungus comes in pellet form which slowly releases nutrients into the soil over a long period of time. This way you’re able to “feed and forget” because once you have used Seamungus you will not have to apply again for quite some time.

So, if you are a seasonal gardener it may be better to use Seamungus as this will feed your plants for a longer period of time and does not need much monitoring. However, if you have a real green thumb then you may want to use Seasol because you will have more control over the concentration and will be able to monitor the development of your garden.

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