The Turf Farm

The Turf Farm:

The Turf Farm is one of the best suppliers of instant turf in South Australia and Australia. Family owned and operated, The Turf Farm was established in 2003 and has been thriving ever since. The Turf Farm is AusGAP certified, guaranteeing premium quality on a wide variety of types of lawns. Come in-store or give a call to ask about what lawn from The Turf Farm will flourish the best in your yard!

Why install lawn from The Turf Farm?

Surprising benefits:

  • Great source of oxygen
  • Natural filter for our waterways
  • Keeps temperatures around the home cooler
  • More efficient than trees for carbon sequestration (traps carbon) which means cleaner air
  • Reduces noise and sun glare

How to pick what type of lawn you’ll need:

For shaded areas:

Most yards have some shade from pergolas, fences, trees and other indoor/outdoor garden designs. However, not all lawns can tolerate a lot of shade. Most thrive in the sun, so you may need to choose a lawn which is shade tolerant. Some recommended lawn varieties which are shade tolerant are listed below:


For high traffic areas:

If you have kids who will play sport on the lawn or pets who love playing fetch or rolling around on the grass, you may want to consider hardy lawns. High wear and tear can be the main culprit for damaged spots or thinning lawn. Some hardy lawn varieties are listed below:


For lawn allergies: 

Pollen from rye grass often sets off allergy sufferers because it can produce over a half a tonne per hectare of pollen. So, if you often find yourself itchy, sneezing and having a runny nose when near grass this could be the issue. Unfortunately the majority of lawn varieties carry a lot of pollen. The best type of lawn to choose if you are an allergy sufferer is Sir Walter DNA Certified Buffalo because it has been specifically tested for allergens and has no known issues. However, some people are allergic to specific varieties of lawn. In which case, you can pick a lawn variety which has less seed heads. Some varieties will only produce more seed heads if they are under stress. So, maintain your lawn well through mowing regularly, fertilise well and water occasionally.

Most popular lawn Turf Farm varieties:

Sir Walter DNA Certified Buffalo:

Sir Walter is the real MVP of lawn at The Turf Farm, it’s hardy, pest resistant, lush, soft and thrives in all climates. This variety is able to grow well in full sun but is also 70% shade tolerant. This lawn variety is the most popular in Australia for a reason! It self-repairs and is hard wearing so it can tolerate extreme weather conditions and still look lush and healthy. Sir Walter requires minimal watering one established and needs to be mowed half as much as other varieties. Since 1997 over 60 million metres of Sir Walter Buffalo grass has been sold Australia wide! We’re able to get this variety for any project, big or small.


RTF Tall Fescue:

RTF Tall Fescue is a resistant variety due to its deep roots which travel down to six feet! This variety is shade tolerant so is best suited to areas which don’t see much sun. RTF Tall Fescue is a cool season turf and LOVES water. However, with water conservation trends across the globe it should be noted that this variety takes less water than older Tall Fescue varieties. The RTF Tall Fescue self-repairs by filling in bare spots with its long roots. This means less maintenance than other varieties and more time to enjoy your lawn!


Eureka Kikuyu:

Eureka Kikuyu grows faster than any other type of lawn, meaning it is best suited to large open     areas. It establishes itself quickly and grows evenly, really putting the ‘instant’ in instant turf! Like other lawns, it will turn slightly brown during the winter due to frost but always bounces back when the weather warms up. Eureka enjoys a long growing season and needs to be mowed on a regular basis because it grows so fast. However, if you need a hardy lawn fast then Eureka Kikuyu is the variety for you.


Maintenance Tips:


As suggested above, keep the soil moist for the first few weeks until it is fully established. Once it is established (can no longer need to be lifted) then you should begin watering normally. Less frequent but deeper watering is recommended because this encourages deep rooting and helps your lawn become tolerant of harsh conditions.


Once your lawn is fully established you can mow it. For the first mow, only remove the tips as this strengthens the roots and will mean it will become stronger when it grows back. Most importantly, never remove more than one third of the leaf blade! The recommended mowing height for popular varieties are listed below:

We stock a wide range of fertilisers, lawn mowers and garden power tools to help maintain your lawn. If you are unsure about any issues your lawn is having or want to purchase The Turf Farms premium lawns, give us a call on 08 8415 7777 to speak to our experts today!


Author: Jessica Coe