what to do with lawn clippings

What to do with your grass clippings

So you bought your new Husqvarna Petrol Lawn Mower or you EGO Power+ Battery Lawn Mower Kit from Newtons Building and Landscape Supplies in Adelaide. You mow your lawn and are now left wondering what to do with your grass clippings. Here are a few helpful tips to help you decide what to do with grass clippings.

1. Leave them on your lawn.

Leaving grass clippings on the lawn provides a great natural fertiliser for your lawn. Unlike some people believe, it does not create thatch and if you cut your lawn weekly and remove the clippings from the lawn every time, you may actually be harming your lawn as you will be creating nitrogen deficiency in your lawn. The Husqvarna lawn mowers available at Newtons Building and Landscape Supplies in Adelaide come with a very handy BioClip® mulching insert to make this task a breeze as it mulches the lawn clippings back in while you mow. No need to collect and then spread on again afterwards.

Grass clippings should only be left on the lawn if they are quite short. Shorter grass will easily break down into the lawn. The longer the grass when you mow, the longer the grass clippings. Mulching these longer grass clippings back into the lawn can block the sunlight from reaching the grass underneath.

However, grass clippings should not be left to mulch back into your lawn when your grass shows signs of disease or is full of weeds. This will only spread the problem. To avoid this, try and treat the problem first.

2. Give your hedges a helping hand

Grass clippings can defend your hedges and bushes against weeds. Place your grass clippings at the base of your hedge or bush to help prevent weeds and retain water. The best results can be achieved when you add about an inch and a half of clippings around the base of the hedge avoiding the main stems.

3. Create your own compost

Of course you can always come in and buy your compost from Newtons Building and Landscape Supplies in Adelaide or you could make your own compost. Every compost heap needs a good mix of green and brown materials and grass clippings are an easy and cheap way to achieve this and add nutrients to your plants and lawn.

4. Save your vegetables

You can always use pesticides but why use expensive chemicals when you can simply dry out your grass clippings and add them in thin layers around your vegetables to deter snails and slugs from destroying your crops. That means more vegetables for you!

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