Where to buy Neutrog

From composts to fertilisers Neutrog is a trusted brand which has the power to transform your garden! So, where to buy Neutrog products? Newtons Building and Landscape Supplies of course! We stock a huge variety of Neutrog products to suit any need.

Who are Neutrog?

Neutrog has been manufacturing since 1988, since then they have continually developed and innovated products to meet a variety of garden needs. As their product line has increased over the years, so have the wealth of knowledge. Neutrog pride themselves on knowing all there is to know about fertilisers and their amazing properties. The culture at Neutrog is one which is focused on fuelling their continual development. This means you can trust that Neutrog products are the best of the best and have strong biological science backing their unique formulas!

Neutrog’s research and development team is led by Dr Uwe Stroeher, who prides himself in being the scientist behind the concept of Neutrog’s iconic GOGO Juice. His expertise in molecular biology leads the development team at Neutrog to create market leading products.

But how does this impact you?

Well, because of Neutrog’s expert research and development team they are able to provide products which are tried and tested to work wonders for your garden. From roses, to lawns to probiotic liquids to boost your soils overall health, Neutrog has your whole garden covered.

Our top Neutrog Picks:

Neutrog has a wide range of products to help your garden be in tip top shape. Our most popular Neutrog range include:

Sudden Impact for Roses (pellet form)


This pelleted product provides plant nutrients in a slow release water-soluble form to increase the number of flowers, increase the plants overall health and its ability to withstand the heat. Neutrog uses a balanced mix of nutrients and raw materials that your roses will love! The organic materials help condition the soil which increases the soils moisture level. Sudden impact for roses comes highly recommended by rose societies Australia wide. So you know if it’s back by the professionals, your roses will flourish too!

Sudden Impact for Lawns


An organic, chemically boosted fertiliser perfect for kick starting newly establish lawns or for revitalising established lawns. So, ‘throw and forget’ fertiliser because its water-soluble formula releases vital nutrients over time! The perfect mix of nitrogen and potassium means your lawn will flourish. More than that though, this formula contains higher levels of iron and magnesium which means your lawn appear so green your neighbours will ask what’s your secret! This formula is ideal for any type of lawn including Buffalo varieties as well as all non-flowering plants.



Made from seaweed extract, fish, humic acid and manure, Seamungus is full of nutrients to nourish your plants. Seamungus stabilises the soils nutrients, rids the soil of parasites, pathogens and weed seeds. The formula is specifically designed to help your plants withstand the harsh weather by being heat, drought and frost resistant. Seamungus is also amazing at retaining soil moisture (up to 70% of its own weight in moisture!) to help your plants survive harsh summer spells. It can be used on food crops like your veggie patch due to it organic formula, just make sure to give them a quick rinse before eating! Containing naturally occurring growth hormones, Seamungus will make your plants flower more and even make your food crops taste better.

GOGO Juice


A liquid probiotic for soil and plants. It is full of highly beneficial microbiology and good bacteria to boost the richness of the soil. This results in your plants performing at their optimal level all year round! GOGO Juice is suitable for the whole garden, edibles and all. It increases the plants ability to withstand pests and disease as well as becoming much more resilient to the elements. Say goodbye to frost and heat stress as GOGO Juice gives your plants the ability to fight off these harsh effects of all weather conditions. The microbes are carefully formulated with carbohydrates, sugars, kelp, seaweed, fish, humic acid and manure which results in a kicker probiotic.

Who Flung Dung


Who Flung Dung is a compost packed with vital nutrients sourced from chicken poo. Neutrog has been making Who Flung Dung from early beginnings. Biologically activated, Who Flung Dung retains soil moisture and acts as a weed suppressant. Who Flung Dung also adds nutrients to the soil which increases the overall health of your plants. Comprised from chicken poo and activated by eNcase, Who Flung Dung is a must have for any garden as it adds extra nutrients to ensure a happy, healthy garden!

So next time you want to know where to buy Neutrog in Adelaide, you’ll not only know where to buy but what to buy for the perfect garden.





Author: Jessica Coe