Why Use Link Edge?

What is Link Edge?

Link edge is aluminium garden edging. The nature of this material means that you can bend and cut it to perfectly fit garden beds of any shapes or sizes! Link Edge comes in many sizes, heights, colours, strengths and shapes. It will not rust, crack, rot or fade because it is not made from steel or copper.

If you want to use Link Edge in a part of your yard where it is likely to take a beating, such as a driveway, you can use the heavy duty series. Have peace of mind that once installed it will stand the test of time.

An advantage of Link Edge compared to many other garden edging materials is it’s safety feature. The upper edge is curved so no sharp edges! Perfect for households with children who love playing in the yard. Link Edge is able to be fitted to any shaped garden bed because of its unique interlocking design. The lengths of aluminium can be joined together with a seamless edge. This ensures a professional look finish without the price tag!

I already have garden edging why would I need to switch to Link Edge?

Simply put, every other material used for garden edging will warp or change over time. For example:

  • Concrete Garden Edging: Is easily cracked by wear and tear or from being scraped by garden tools or lawn mowers. It is also very bulky which means it is difficult to install and is not always very aesthetically appealing. They may also fade over time and are hard to replace without leaving remnants of the old edging.
  • Wood Garden Edging: These are prone to splitting, cracking and rotting even after being treated to withstand the natural elements. They are also quite heavy and therefore can be difficult to install and replace.
  • Plastic Garden Edging: Plastic is easily warped and damaged. Also, coloured plastics will likely fade from the sun over time.
  • Rock as Garden Edging:  It takes delicate placement for rocks to not look careless and often requires cement to secure into place. This means if you wanted to change the edging in the future, it will be tough work!
  • Recycled Rubber Garden Edging: This material can still break down over the course of time. Additionally, it is very difficult to get clean, straight lines with rubber which can result in the edging looking like a bad DIY job.

What do you use Link Edge for?

Link Edge can be used anywhere you want in your garden! Link Edge provides a frame for garden beds or other areas where you want to keep soils, mulches or pebbles from spilling over into another area. Think driveways, front yards and where the garden bed meets your lawn.

Mostly, Link Edge is used as a boundary for garden beds, around the lawn to help make mowing easier or even along driveways to keep decorative stones and pebbles in place. It is completely flexible and can be bent into any shape you need. Use corner connectors to create a perfect right angle or spike guards for supporting higher profile areas.

Link edge is perfect for providing a clean border around garden beds. This has the power to transform your yard from an average yard to a professionally landscaped yard. Again, in areas such as driveways where edging may receive more wear and tear opting for the heavy duty variety is ideal.

How do I install Link Edge?

  1. Unlike other garden edging materials Link Edge is light and extremely easy to install!
  2. Clear the area and lay out where you want the edging to go
  3. Bend the shape so it fits snugly against the area
  4. Start at one end and half-hammer the edge spikes to secure the first length
  5. Connect the lengths together and finish hammering in the spikes once you are certain of their positioning.

And that’s it!

For clarification on any of the above steps, check out the Link Edge Installation Guide






Author: Jessica Coe