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Green from the ground up


At Newtons, being green is seen as an initiative that starts from the top and funnels down to clients and customers. We are always looking into new avenues and implementing initiatives. 

As well as the head office roof’s solar panel system, the team also makes a concerted effort to engage with suppliers about green measures. This led to initial partnership talks surrounding bio bins that will turn food scraps into compost. A current initiative at Newtons is taking leftover materials from the site and re-purposing them into rubble and sand to reduce wastage.

Our Community Sponsors


This commitment to customers and the broader community extends past services and solutions offered.

For over 15 years, Newtons has been the proud sponsor of North Eastern MetroStars Soccer Club and has happily helped raise funds for causes such as Paradise Primary School’s new sporting oval. In the past, Newtons also donated a Harley Davidson to the Starlight Foundation. 

Contributing to the
local Community


It is this strong community-mindedness that sees Newtons firmly committed to being green from the ground up. In terms of services offered, this means providing environmentally friendly products such as water-wise sprinklers, smart controllers and sensors. It also means being there to educate the community on the benefits of such systems and how to use them effectively.