Philmac Poly Foot Valve – Various Sizes

This foot valve is manufactured from the highest quality materials to ensure years of reliable service. Designed to allow water to flow in one direction only to avoid loss of water, prevent backflow and ensure pipelines do not drain. The foot valve is designed with a filter to prevent debris into the pipeline and pump. Foot valves can be connected to both plastic and metal threaded fittings. PTFE tape or an approved sealant is required.

Available sizes:

Item number V-480520 – Foot Valve Poly 20mm

Item number V-480510 – Foot Valve Poly 25mm

Item number V-480500 – Foot Valve Poly 32mm

Item number V-480490 – Foot Valve Poly 40mm

Item number V-480480 – Foot Valve Poly 50mm