Protectaseal W

Stain and Weather Repellent Sealer for Stone, Pavers and Concrete – Waterbased

Available in 5L and 20L.


Due to their permeable surfaces, masonry building materials can be easily stained by oil, grease, foods and dirt resulting in permanent staining. Coloured masonry paving such as light coloured concrete and natural stone pavers have become more and more popular for outdoor living areas and are easily stained by a variety of staining materials. Tech-Dry stain proof sealers can be used on a number of surfaces such as coloured concrete masonry, natural stone, polished masonry and other masonry substrates.

TECH-DRY PROTECTASEAL W is a general purpose water-based stain-resistant sealer for masonry materials. It is suitable for all masonry materials including natural stones, concrete blocks, pavers/driveways, clay bricks, terracotta, tiles and grouts. Due to being water-based product, PROTECTASEAL W has limited penetration ability in dense substrates so the product may be most suitable for treating permeable masonry substrates. However, PROTECTASEAL W can still provide reasonable water repellence and stain resistance to dense substrates

PROTECTASEAL W is an environmentally friendly product containing no organic solvent and is a good alternative to the solvent-based stain-resistant sealer.


  • Good resistance to oil or water-based stains
  • Reduce water absorption and algae/mould growth
  • Penetrates and permanently reacts with masonry
  • Offer durable protection and wearing resistance
  • Non-film forming natural finishes with no change of surface appearance
  • Water-based environmentally friendly technology with no VOC


1L, 5L and 20L Containers
For quotes and shipping on larger quantities please email our office.

Application: BRUSH | ROLLER | SPRAY

Coverage  2 – 25m2 per coat depending on impregnation depth required.

Solvent Based / Water Based.